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The Don’s Rating System

At DonRobusto we will be rating cigars among other things with poker chips.  The number of chips will exemplify the quality of the reviewed.  The scale will go 5 being the highest to 1 being the lowest.

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Davidoff Colorado Claro Special T

The Davidoff Colorado Claro in Special T is a good smooth draw with maximum smoke output with a nice tight ash. This cigar has a burn time of approximately 60 minutes.
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The Kraken Lunaticos

Release the Kraken!
KRAKEN LUNATICOS by Montefortuna – Medium smooth bodied with a hint of dark chocolate and a little warm pepper. A good even combustion and a burn time of 2 hours! At just $12, if you can handle it, why not give it a try.
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5 Vegas Series A Robusto

This evening I tried the 5 Vegas Series A.  This cigar had incredible taste.  It was extremely smooth with hints of spice.  Salute!
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CAO Italia Robusto

The CAO Italia was a refreshing smoke! Earthy at it’s heart. With subtle sweetness mixed in. Great ash on a 30 to 45 minute burn. La dolce vita! Salute!
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Rock A Feller Gold Series

This vintage series were initially released in Havana Dreams Cigar Lounge, New York. These are wonderful full bodied, box press cigars. Fine Pennsylvania and Nicaraguan fillers, Ecuadorian binder wrapped in Mexican San Andres leaf, offering a mild pepper, chocolate and black cherry experience.
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Yesterday i enjoyed an original Hamlet cigar. The Hamlet holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first cigar over twenty years ago. The flavour was mild with a nice draw with a minimal honey aroma.
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