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Bada Bean Cawfee | Top Shelf | Fuggedaboutit | The Don

Hope yous all have been doing great!  Today I wanted to take moment to recognize my new go to cawfee...  Bada Bean Cawfee is one of the best brews I have had.  The Medium Blend had me locked in.  But after recently ordering the Bold, fuggedaboutit!   

The Medium Blend K-Cup was full of life.  Provided a great taste.

The Bold Blend K-Cup was next level.  Rich in smell and taste.  This cawfee brews so well.  And leaves you wanting that 2nd cup.  

Before finding Bada Bean Cawfee I was pretty exclusive to the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend.  I have not gone back since making the switch.  I highly recommend you try them for yourself.  But this cawfee makes you an offer you can't refuse once you're in. 

I would also add their customer service crew is second to none!  These guys will crack heads to get the job done! 

Check them out!



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