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Camacho Factory 'Unleashed' | High Octane Corojo Toro | The Hot One | Can You Handle It?

This week saw the release of the Davidoff of Genevas Camacho Factory limited edition toro 'Unleashed'.

This oh so bold stick is certainly not for the faint hearted and described as containing 'a high octane strain of Corojo tobacco'.


This toro presents a dark Corojo wrapper encasing a Honduran binder with fillers from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras (Corojo tobacco, the hot stuff).

Corojo leaf is usually used for the wrapper due to its oily silky consistency. However it is included within the fillers of this cigar for that extra richness and depth. Corojo leaf is exclusively grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, the Jamastran Valley in Honduras and Western Kentucky USA.

Corojo tobacco is renowned for its spicy flavour and known to pack a palette punch.


Get ready to experience indulgent decadent chocolate notes accompanied by blow your socks off peppery smoothness and spice.


6 in x 50 ring gauge

Be warned this is only for the bold!

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