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Current Cigar News June 2021 | J. C. Newman File Cuban Tobacco Entry Petition

J. C. Newman Cigar Company recently filed a Petition with the U.S. Department of State requesting authorised entry of Cuban Tobacco into the United States of America.

Newmans are the last operating cigar factory based in Tampa Florida.

Currently, American companies are only officially permitted to receive incoming goods such as Cuban coffee.

This is a somewhat monumental phase as, if the petition is granted, J.C. Newman will officially and historically become the first importers of Cuban tobaccos in over sixty years.

In 1962 President Kennedy imposed a strict Embargo on all Cuban tobacco. However, prior to this Embargo, Drew Newman (grandson of J. C. Newman) told of how his family had a good and longstanding history with Cuban tobacco trade.

He stated ‘my grandfather and great grandfather imported millions of pounds of Cuban tobaccos via Tampa Bay’. Their final shipment continues to age in the basement of their El Reloj, Ybor City, factory. The very last pre Embargo bale in America today now over sixty years aged.

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